RADM Sayyari: A base must be formed to tackle piracy in Chabahar

RADM Sayyari: A base must be formed to tackle piracy in Chabahar.

RADM HabibollahSayyari in closing ceremony of the 6th IONS in Tehran said: “Seas for a civilization are chances to improve and use their profits by utilizing all potentials.”

He continued: “Those who are connected to this enormous source(seas) have a good opportunity tointeract with friends and use maritime potentials and this opportunity will be meaningful just with security.”

Rear Admiral Sayyary said:“Now that we reached the 10th anniversary of this symposium, we can feel the change in different dimensions. There is a highinteractionat various levels, and commanders and different navies in the Indian Ocean region are working together more than they did in past years.”

Saying that today with mutual understanding of our surrounding seas and other countries’ capabilities and abilities, our opinions, information, and consciousness are achieved, Deputy Coordinator of the I.R. Iran Armyadded: “discourseof IONS has become more qualitative, specialized, and professional.”

RADM Sayyari clarified: “The discourse of this symposium has made us more conscious about the sea especially the Indian Ocean and our main responsibility; establishing security. So far, the value and importance of the Indian Ocean, the importance of the maritimeeconomy, the importance of naval forces and their functions, and the necessity of having security in seas by sharing information and increasing our knowledge about the seas,have been the important and prominent aspects in our commondiscourse.”

He believed that being closer to each other and paying attention to different opinions are amongst the functions of this symposium, and he added as such: “the results of these negotiations, changing the coastal states’ approach and paying more attention to the seas are completely evident. All of these considerable changes are achieved under the umbrella of IONS and agreements; though they weren’t obligatory, but our orientation been affected by them in a positive and synergic manner.

He stated that this progression is stem from all of the actions and efforts of the commanders and officer who make an effort willingly and responsibly in order to realize the collective and he added as such: “today and the other day, we saw that all of you mention the multiplication of the seas’ importance and the flow of trade on them, the necessity of elucidating the maritime laws and increasing the complications of sea environment.

He stated: “the fact is that our surrounding environment has been changed simultaneously with progression and improvement and increasing the actors, changing the security arrangements and the progressive growth of stabilizer maritime technologies have led to the production of more complex maritime equipments with more diversity and proficiency, which face us with a more complicated environment.

The Deputy Coordinator of the I.R.I Army said it’s time to ask ourselves whether we could progress in accordance with the changing of environment, and he added as such: “if this century be called as “the Century of the Sea”, whether our efforts has been conducted in accordance with its requirements? The reality is that even we were moving in the right path, but our efforts weren’t suitable for the requirement of the century, instead of achieving our desirable future by creating the needed procedures, the procedures emanating from unforeseen changes will undoubtedly surprise us and inevitably, we have to call the present century as “the Century of Maritime Blindness”

ADM Sayyari mentioned to the proceedings of IONS and said: “the collective solidarity causes the formation of effective coalitions, which can demonstrate the linear behavior, desirable security arrangements and as a result, by decreasing the needed costs and efforts, we can realize a bright future for all people.”

He added: “the discussions talked out from the beginning of this symposium prove that we are moving in this path at this very moment and now, the time to shared and mutual actions has come. Today, it’s the time having synergy in our actions, drawing our shared resources, determining our shared objectives, codifying our shared language and drawing our shared security outlook.

The Deputy Coordinator of the I.R.I Army stated: “in two years from now, we hope that the commanders of the navies strive to maintain the path depicted by all of us.

RADM Sayyari by saying that doing the mutual actions is the key to stop being surprise and reach the maritime security, expressed: Forming a region to teach and combat piracy in Chabahar, forming the information exchange center, martial group, rescue group, maritime and airy excursion, sharing the technical potentials, and being connect to commanders in Indian Ocean are some of the proceedings.