RADM Khanzadi: I.R. Iran Navy cooperation with various countries is expanding.

RADM Khanzadi: I.R. Iran Navy cooperation with various countries is expanding.

RADM Dr. Hossein Khanzadi, Commander of the I.R. Iran Navy, regarding the bilateral meetings with authorities at IONS said: “We had ten bilateral meetings with different military delegations from Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, India, South Africa, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Japan, in which really important and practical topics were discussed.”

He continued: “In these meetings the mutual geopolitical potentials between Iran and various countries were highlighted, and also the power of Islamic Republic of Iran especially the I.R. Iran Navy was accented.”

He explained: “We have good scientific, technical, and academic potentials in the I.R. Iran Navy now, and these potentials can be transferred to other countries. Therefore, in the meetings foreign parties were suggested to use these potentials and we can get advantages from their potentials, too.”

Having discussed the student exchange at different levels, Rear Admiral Khanzadi accented: “We talked directly with various delegations about sending and getting squadrons. In addition, we had good negotiations about naval exercises in different tactical and rescue grounds, too.”

He also announced the suggestion of the I.R. Iran Navy to foreign delegations about forming mutual work groups to develop the cooperation in tactical, operational, and organizational areas. Dr. Khanzadi added: “The countries are supposed to assesse this suggestion and the agreement will be approved in due time.”

He also said: “In our meetings with foreign delegations, we suggested that in addition to these areas, more meetings with Navy Commanders could be planned, too.”

RADM Khanzadi continued: “Security is a priority in the Indian Ocean region, so we suggested that we could have a group and a common military coalition among IONS members. Most countries which I had private and bilateral meetings with, accepted this suggestion, and in case of being agreed by all the countries, it will be approved at the CoC.

Expressing the good potentials of IONS to improve practical cooperation, Rear Admiral Dr. Khanzadi emphasized: “We welcome the other countries to join this symposium except the United States whose participation is an improper presence, and many countries agree with us on this.”

At the end, he announced a common rescue exercise by participation of the I.R Iran Navy and the Oman Royal Navy on 7-8 May, 2018.